• Worldwide Windowframes are very proud to say that we are 100% CE Mark certified.
  • CE, standing for Conformité Européene, or European Conformity, is a manufacturers declaration that the product complies with all essential requirements recognised by the European Economic Area (EEA).
  • Our customers throughout the entire EEA can enjoy the highest level of health, safety & environmental protection, therefore damage and liability is greatly reduced.
  • Now manadatory for most products on sale in the EU, it is required whether you are a fabricator or an installer in the window & door manufacturing industry
  • This certification applies to sealed glass unit manufacturers, toughened glass producers and window & door manufacturer & installers such as Worldwide Windowframes Ltd
  • Now only one set of requirements & procedures in designing & manufacturing a product within the EEA.
ce mark

The 3 key elements of our CE Marking certification:

  • The low U Values
  • The load bearing capacity of our safety devices
  • A statement that no dangerous substances are released under normal use during manufacture, installation and beyond.

We have invested time and money in ensuring that the products we manufacture for you are one of the highest quality window & door products available on the market