The developments in window design and thermal break technology mean that aluminium windows are amongst the best insulated windows on the market. We can even supply a window system that complies with the Passive House standard.

Aluminium, being a metal is a strong material meaning we can make much larger frames that their uPVC counterparts. Aluminium frames are also typically smaller than their uPVC counterparts meaning less intrusive sightlines and larger glass areas.

Our aluminium windows are available in hundreds of colours, with the possibility of different colours inside and out.

Some of the main features of our aluminium windows are:

  • Our newest offerings – the Dualframe75 and the Dualframe75SI aluminium windows
  • The use of polyamide thermal barriers mean the double glazed 75SI window can achieve a WER ‘A+’ window energy rating by providing higher thermal performance
  • The Dualframe window can also achieve an ‘A’ Window Energy Rating when double glazed
  • Designed to meet high performance requirements in a variety of applications i.e. new builds & refurbishments including residential, educational and light commercial projects
  • Available in casement, tilt before turn and curtain wall variants meaning its possible to have a wall of glass that is two or more storeys high.
  • Provides you with the best value in terms of security, durability & low maintenance – making it better for you and for the environment
  • Fully compatible with all of our aluminium doors
  • Meets Secured by Design specification
  • Choice of chamfered or softline profiles for contemporary or traditional appearance.